SILVER SPRING, MD – Indivisible Montgomery, a grassroots activist group located in Montgomery County, Maryland, is outraged at reports the Trump administration will withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. Rejecting this accord demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of the peril climate change poses for Americans and a willful disregard of its impacts across the globe. The Trump administration should immediately rescind its order and rejoin the Paris Agreement.


Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is an abdication of leadership by the Trump administration. Almost every country across the globe is a signatory to the Paris Agreement and withdrawing from it is a global embarrassment for the United States. After failing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the U.S. had a chance to return to the global stage as a leader in the fight against climate change. Instead, President Trump’s actions have relegated the U.S. to being a bystander in global affairs and bequeathed our leadership role to more responsible and forward-thinking nations.


As part of the Paris Agreement, a competent administration could have pressed American energy business interests around the globe, including those of American companies that are pioneering the use of non-polluting, renewable energy. Instead, the Trump administration has chosen to make it more difficult for American energy companies to compete globally. Furthermore, remaining in the Paris Agreement would have made the American renewable energy sector a prime area for job creation. But the administration chose to squander this incredible opportunity for creating well-paying jobs for Americans across the country.


Withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement is wrong for American workers, American companies and any person who wants to live in a world where we take responsible actions to combat climate change. The legacy of the Trump administration will be one of abandoning the world in its most crucial moments, leaving our children to pay the steep price for their lack of foresight and leadership.


Indivisible Montgomery is working in Montgomery County, MD, against the Trump agenda for diversity, inclusion, and transparency.