Maryland resistance groups, including Indivisible Montgomery, Do The Most Good MoCo, MoCoWoMen, Rockville Resistance, United for Maryland and the Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice, call on the Democratic gubernatorial candidates to stop following in President Trump’s footsteps and release their tax returns. 

“People in the resistance want officials to stand up to Trump, not act like him,” said Chris Pickett, executive director of Indivisible Montgomery. “The resistance drove Democratic victories in Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the past eight months. I'm not sure why the candidates would want to blunt this momentum.”


Indivisible groups and the larger resistance formed in opposition to Trump's agenda and his startling lack of transparency. Candidates for any public office should disclose any and all financial investments, obligations and conflicts that may affect their decision making.


“Transparency and truthfulness are more important than ever in the age of Trump,” said Barbara Noveau, director of Do The Most Good MoCo. “When all of the candidates say they will release their tax returns before the primary, yet only two have done so, it is a failure on two dimensions. We expect better of our candidates.”