Newsletter 12/30/16

This is an excerpt from the Indivisible Montgomery newsletter. If you want the full newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.

Our focus
Donald Trump is America’s first autocratic narcissistic president, but he is not the first autocratic narcissist to run a country. For those that have lived under such rulers, they suggest the best way to defeat an autocratic narcissist is to attack his policies, not his persona. This group will focus on policies.

Our best way to influence policy is through our representative and two senators. By clearly and consistently expressing how we expect our members of Congress to fight the destructive agenda of Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, we can ensure we have strong voices speaking on our behalf. And should those voices falter, we will take them to task for their complicity.

Our tactics
As demonstrated by the Tea Party and laid out nicely in the Indivisible Guide, holding accountable our elected representatives is critical to ensure they are representing us properly. We will voice our opinions, satisfaction and displeasure with their policy positions over the phone, at town-hall meetings and other avenues of opportunity.

This newsletter will provide a script for you to follow with pertinent information to convey to our elected representatives. In subsequent newsletters, there will also be information for Indivisible Montgomery meetings, town-hall meetings and other events.

Our work starts next week
Donald Trump’s inauguration may be three weeks away, but the new Congress is sworn in on Jan. 3. Hundreds of bills are introduced in the first days of a new Congress, but this Republican-led Congress will be anxious to have bills ready for the new president’s signature on the day of his inauguration. It may take a couple of days to identify which of the bills we will need to target immediately. Until the next newsletter comes out, you can keep tabs on our efforts by following @IndivisibleMCMD on Twitter.

Next week, we will focus on encouraging our elected representatives to call for a full accounting of Russian hacking in the 2016 election and to make sure they press Trump’s cabinet nominees so that their conflicts and abysmal track records see the light of day.

Better know your district
Our senators for the coming congress will be Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen.

As for our representatives, well Montgomery County is gerrymandered to hell, and three congressional districts—MD3, MD6 and MD8—take some slice of the county. Follow this link, put in your zip code, and you will find out which district you are in and who your member of Congress is. The most effective leverage you have with a member of Congress is your vote, and you can only vote for one representative. It’s important to direct all of your energy toward the people you may or may not vote for.

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