The case for Brian Frosh, Marc Elrich and national Democrats

The election of Donald Trump sent a stark message that many people in the United States did not find blatant racism, misogyny and xenophobia, among other awful qualities, to be disqualifying for the presidency. Even more depraved has been the Congressional GOP’s utter abandonment of their constitutional duties to provide oversight and put a check on the Executive branch.

On his inauguration, Republicans at all levels of elective office began toeing the party line as set by Trump. In effect, an entire political party is willing to overlook Donald Trump’s authoritarian and kleptocratic actions so that the party could achieve its political goals.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Indivisible Montgomery is dedicated to working for diversity, inclusion, fairness and transparency in our government. There are no Republicans running for office even the least bit interested in putting a check on this administration. That is why we endorse all of the Democrats running in the 2018 election, and encourage you to vote only for Democrats.

Attorney General
Brian Frosh has been outstanding during his first term as Maryland’s attorney general. Frosh has protected Marylanders from predatory lenders, Big Pharma and others. He successfully defended Maryland’s gun laws that mitigate gun violence in our state. Finally, Frosh has stood up to the Trump administration and sued them on multiple occasions, and is a leader in one of the most advanced emoluments lawsuits against Donald Trump.

Frosh’s opponent, Craig Wolf, has mounted a campaign attacking Frosh rather than addressing specific issues to improve the lives of Marylanders. Furthermore, Wolf has indicated that he would pull out of Maryland’s successful efforts to sue the Trump administration for its flagrant abuses.

Brian Frosh deserves reelection. He has stated his commitment to protecting Marylanders–whether it is from corporations or the federal government–and his record is a clear demonstration that he has kept his word.

Montgomery County Council Executive
Marc Elrich is a well-known Montgomery County Democrat with a long history of public service. He has a clear vision for Montgomery County that was thoroughly vetted in a tough, 6-way primary. Elrich has bold plans to address environmental issues, education, economic development and more. These plans focus on the needs of the people, not donors and developers. Furthermore, his history on the Montgomery County Council indicates he will be successful and effective at leading the County.

Nancy Floreen, a former Democrat and Elrich’s only serious competitor, skipped the Democratic primary and is running as an independent. We are deeply disappointed by Floreen’s decision to hide from voters during the primary season because the voting public was not able to weigh in on her developer-friendly policies. As a group that values authenticity and transparency in government, Democrats know these clearly cynical moves by Floreen to game the county’s electoral system indicate she is not an appropriate leader for Montgomery County.

Marc Elrich should be elected as Montgomery County Council Executive on Nov. 6.

Federal races
The GOP has failed to fulfill its constitutional obligations of providing checks and balances on the Trump administration. Every official that has turned a blind eye to the blatant corruption, human rights abuses, sexism, racism and xenophobia of the current administration has absolutely no business continuing to hold office.

We encourage all voters to vote for Democrats on Nov. 6. This includes the Democrats running in Montgomery County for federal positions–David Trone, Jamie Raskin, John Sarbanes and Ben Cardin–and Democrats running in congressional races across the state. Furthermore, we urge all Marylanders to encourage their friends and family in other states to similarly vote for Democrats at every single level of government.

Donald Trump’s ascendance to the presidency was a hard turn towards authoritarianism for the United States. The upcoming election on Nov. 6 is our biggest opportunity to restore the checks and balances of our government and demonstrate Americans’ commitment to our democracy.

Please turn out and vote for Democrats on Nov. 6.

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