Indivisible letter to the editor published by Baltimore Sun

Delegates must support clean energy bill – now

Audrey Meshulam, Silver Spring

Clock is running on the Maryland House of Delegates if the chamber is to follow the state Senate’s lead and support legislation to increase Maryland’s use of renewable energy. (Pamela Wood / Baltimore Sun)

Now that the Clean Energy Jobs Act has the approval of the Maryland Senate(“Maryland Senate passes renewable energy bill; House outcome uncertain,”March 20), it’s time for the House of Delegates to pass this necessary legislation.

What is the House waiting for? This bill addresses matters of urgent concern to Marylanders: Climate change threatens the safety of our coastal residents, and pollution contributes to the above-average rates of respiratory ailments seen in our cities. Given the federal government’s alarming negligence toward these environmental emergencies, Maryland cannot afford to wait. Lives and livelihoods are on the line.

read the rest of the article here

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