Indivisible Montgomery letters to elected representatives on the first day of the 116th Congress

Indivisible Montgomery members along with members of other local groups visited our elected representatives on Jan. 3, the first day of the 116th Congress, and delivered this letter.

Dear Rep. Raskin,

Happy 2019! Congratulations on being elected to the 116th Congress. Indivisible Montgomery looks forward to working with you and other progressive House members to strengthen our democracy and improve the lives of all Americans. We strongly encourage you to focus on three areas.

First, we must make significant changes to the way our government operates so that it works on behalf of all Americans, not just special interests in campaign donors. This includes innovative campaign finance reforms, independent redistricting commissions, automatic voter registration, felon re-enfranchisement and many other issues.

Second, we must take immediate action to mitigate the coming climate catastrophe. Please join in this critical work and put policies in place to protect our environment so that it is sustainable and healthy for all generations. One place to start is with the U.S. military, which is the world’s largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels and the largest source of greenhouse gasses, contributing about 5 percent of global warming emissions.

Finally, House Democrats must act where Republicans didn’t and work to hold the Trump administration to account. Investigations should begin immediately into this brazenly corrupt and grossly incompetent White House and administration.

The past two years have seen the United States lose its position as the global leader on so many critical fronts. The actions listed here must be taken quickly to demonstrate to the country that at least one of our major political parties is willing to put the good of the country before the good of their party or donors. We look forward to working with you on these and other critical issues.


Christopher L. Pickett, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Indivisible Montgomery

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