Taking action to start the new Congress

by Lisa Fuller

On Jan. 3, the Indivisible Day of Action, a group from Indivisible Montgomery, Indivisible MoCo and MoCoWoMen traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with the five members of our Montgomery County delegation. We delivered letters to each of our elected officials reminding them of who we are, the issues we are interested in and an offer of support for the coming two years.

We began at Rep. Jamie Raskin’s new office where we were greeted by many staffers. We were able to meet with Raskin, and he assured us that the House of Representatives would be quite different with Democrats in control. He was delighted that over 20 of us were visiting and assured us that he would work hard for us to keep our priorities as his focus.

After lunch we walked from the House side to the Senate side to see Sens. Cardin and Van Hollen. While we were not able to talk directly to Sen. Cardin, who was being sworn in when we arrived, we were able to spend about 10 minutes with Sen. Van Hollen. We spoke about the government shutdown and he advised us to reach out to friends and family in swing states to encourage them to contact their elected officials and let them know how the shutdown is affecting them.

Next we went back to the House side to visit Rep. David Trone. He was finishing up swearing in festivities, but his office staff invited us in and showed us his office that he was assigned just the day before! Our last visit was with Rep. John Sarbanes. He was not available, but two of his staffers greeted us and shared some exciting news! They had just submitted H.R.1 that day, a sweeping anti-corruption bill that also includes several improvements to our elections.

It was a wonderful day and we all agreed we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful delegation from Montgomery County. It is important that we all keep our voices heard through social media, phone calls, postcards and more visits to Capitol Hill!

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