Do the Write Thing!

The 2019 election season is in full swing! In early September, the Indivisible Montgomery Elections committee launched Do the Write Thing, our campaign to send voter registration and get-out-the-vote letters to constituents in important 2019 and 2020 states. In less than three weeks, we have written nearly 3,000 letters!

Please join us in this great way to reach out to voters and make a difference in elections! You don’t need any experience as we’ll train you on site. We would also appreciate volunteers for

  • Hosting – open your house for a few hours to other letter-writing volunteers
  • Leading – gather the materials needed for a successful letter-writing activity
  • Attending – stretch out your hand and get ready to write!

If you have questions or are at all interested in hosting or leading one of our Do the Write Thing events, contact Steve Pressman.

If you want to attend, sign up here! This will take you to a page hosted by our partners, J Walkers Action Group, where you can sign up for our Do the Write Thing events. You will also find opportunities to canvass and participate in a phone bank.


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