Drop off your letters!

We are collecting completed Vote Forward letters now! Give us your completed letters for any state and we’ll do the rest to make sure they get in the mail at the appropriate time.

Why drop your letters with us? Well the first reason is for you to save money. We have plenty of stamps and can stamp all of your letters!

The second reason is that we give the letters the personal touch needed. For letters to people in Pennsylvania, we will drive up to the state and put the letters in the mailbox. This will give them a PA postage stamp and a little more of a homegrown feel to the letter. For letters to people in other states, we may be able to get them mailed from those states as well, although we’re still working on those logistics.

The third reason is to make sure they are mailed at the correct time. Vote Forward originally wanted to send all of the letters on Oct. 27, one week before the election. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and likely surges in vote-by-mail and early voting, we may see a bigger effect from our letters if we mail them earlier. Furthermore, we may need to send letters to different states on different days. Indivisible Montgomery leadership is paying close attention to the Vote Forward plans and we can get the letters in the mail as quickly as is needed.

Contactless drop off boxes are available at these locations:

  • 811 Jonker Ct, Gaithersburg (in carport near side door)
  • 2 Echo Court, Rockville (on front stoop)
  • 10107 Parkwood Terrace, Bethesda (in carport near side door)
  • 11003 Lombardy Rd, Silver Spring (in front of the house and garden box near parking pad).

So please drop your letters in the boxes labeled “Indivisible Montgomery Letter Drop” or similar with your name on the box or bag. We’ll do the rest! Contact Steve if you have any questions.


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