Voting 2020: Indivisible Montgomery sample ballot

As you head to the polls in 2020, we are making a lot of important decisions for how we are governed. Yes, we’re voting for the president of the United States, but we’re also voting for a slew of other candidates for important offices that have a direct effect on our lives. And some important ballot questions will help shape the course of our state and country for years to come.

The Indivisible Montgomery Steering Committee has developed a sample ballot for you to use. These are the candidates Indivisible Montgomery recommends you support, and how Indivisible Montgomery thinks the issues should be decided.

Of course, your vote is your own and you can use it how you see fit. Just make sure your voice is heard!

President / Vice President

  • Joe Biden / Kamala Harris


(Depending on district)

  • John Sarbanes
  • David Trone
  • Jamie Raskin

Judges for the Sixth Circuit

We take no position on who you should vote for, although we do note that Marylin Pierre has been an active member of the Indivisible Montgomery community for sometime.

Other Judges

Vote yes for continuance

Board of Education

We support the candidates selected for the Montgomery County Apple Ballot, including Sunil Dasgupta. (not yet posted as of 9/25)

Questions 1 and 2

Vote FOR the amendments

Questions A, B, C and D

Vote FOR Questions A and C. Vote AGAINST Questions B and D.

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