Early voting is here in Maryland!

by Chris Pickett

Nearly 60 million Americans have already voted in the 2020 election, and TODAY, Marylanders can join them by voting in person. Montgomery County early-voting locations with information on building entrances is here. A county map of the locations is here.

Early voting will run every day from today, Monday, Oct. 26, through Monday, Nov. 2. Voting centers will be open from 7am through 8pm. If you are voting early and in person, please remember to wear a mask, distance from others, and bring along a snack or water in case you have to wait in line.

If you have already submitted a mail-in ballot, you can check the status of your ballot here. If you have not submitted your mail-in ballot as yet, a list of ballot drop-box locations is here.

If you have already voted or have your voting plan squared away, now is the time to make sure Democrats across the country are turning out to vote with us. SIGN UP for one of the many phone or text banks we have nearly every day between now and Election Day!

Thank you to everyone who attended Saturday’s Indivisible Montgomery meeting! Here are the links that were posted during the meeting and relevant takeaways:

  • If you are looking for guidance on who to vote for, the Indivisible Montgomery sample ballot is here and the Montgomery County Dems ballots are here.
  • Many of you said that you submitted your mail-in ballot and the status has read “Ballot Received” for nearly two weeks. If the ballot has been counted, it should say “Accepted.” Indivisible Montgomery will inquire with the Montgomery County Board of Elections to understand how long it should take the status to change and we will relay that information to you once we hear.
  • Take a picture of yourself dropping off your ballot or voting and tag Indivisible Montgomery on Twitter and/or Facebook! Both are @IndivisibleMCMD.
  • We have Get Out The Vote events running nearly every day between now and Election Day. Please SIGN UP!
  • To take part in the Biden/Harris campaign’s relational organizing, check out the Vote Joe app.
  • If you are able to volunteer to be a Poll Captain at Mid-County Rec Center this week, please contact Shruti Bhatnagar.
  • Democrats are looking for lawyers and other law professionals to volunteer to protect the vote! Sign up, or ask your lawyer friends to sign up, with We The Action, or join in with the Pennsylvania Dems.
  • For post-election actions that we may need to take, sign up with Protect the Results and scan the A Free and Fair Election page on the Indivisible Montgomery website.
  • And we are still selling Indivisible Montgomery t-shirts ($20 apiece) and VOTE masks ($10 apiece). Email Chris Pickett and get yours now!

Let’s get this!


  • Oct. 26 (Mon.): Early voting begins!
  • Oct. 26 (Mon.) | 12:00pm–1:00pm: Phone bank training for Outreach to Voters of Color.
  • Oct. 26 (Mon.) | 6:30pm–8:30pm: Biden battleground GOTV phone bank.
  • Oct. 27 (Tue.) | 7:00pm–9:00pm: Biden battleground GOTV phone bank.
  • Oct. 29 (Thu.) | 4:00pm–6:00pm: Biden battleground GOTV phone bank.
  • Oct. 29 (Thu.) | 6:00pm–8:00pm: Outreach to Voters of Color phone bank.
  • Oct. 30 (Fri.) | 4:30pm–6:30pm: North Carolina phone bank.
  • Oct. 31 (Sat.) | 10:00am–8:00pm: Biden GOTV phone banks.
  • Nov. 1 (Sun.) | 12:00pm–8:00pm: Biden GOTV phone banks.
  • Nov. 2 (Mon.): Early voting ends.
  • Nov. 2 (Mon.) | 10:00am–8:00pm: Biden GOTV phone banks.
  • Nov. 3 (Tue.): ELECTION DAY!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!
  • Nov. 3 (Tue.) | 9:00am–9:00pm: Biden GOTV phone banks.
  • Nov. 4 (Wed.): DAY AFTER ELECTION DAY!!! NAP, NAP, NAP!!!

Support Indivisible Montgomery

Your support for our work will be critical to making the change we need in 2020. Please consider giving to Indivisible Montgomery today!

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